Mya Project Promises Fresh Music After “Rain”

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Stunning artist Mya Project recently dropped a new single called “Rain” that heralds the coming of a much-anticipated LP. A one-woman act, Mya Project is a truly unique artist and singer-songwriter Dalila Mya, whose musical journey spans years of hard work and a large portfolio of exceptional pieces. “Rain” song and music video are both sophisticated and thoughtful, pulling inspiration from a great many genres and styles: “We have lost connection – again/ Shaking earth/ Unexpected shock/ Life is what you ask for only sometimes fearless thoughts of mental revolution you won’t change/ changing all the familiar patterns giving away/ all you can be all you have been through is it that real?”

An inspiration to other women who feel art calling out to them, Mya shares her authentic self with the world. In 2008, Mya released her first record via indie label MGL in London. During that time, she had the chance to open for major artists like Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, and Placebo. In 2014, she released her second EP Frequency Distortion via Aspenbeat. Mya Project then followed up with her 2017 album MK, released via English label Milky Bomb. Make sure to check out “Rain” and leave a comment to support the artist!

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