Mark Ronson wants to make more music with Ryan Gosling

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After collaborating with Ryan Gosling on ‘I’m Just Ken’ for the Barbie movie last year, Mark Ronson has revealed that he would love to make more music with the actor.

Once Ronson had read the screenplay, he was inspired to write a song about Ken’s character. When he showed it to Gosling, the actor loved the track and prompted Gerwig to include it as a performance in the film. The pair have since worked on a Christmas version of the track together.

The song even recently received a nomination for ‘Best Original Song’ at this year’s upcoming Academy Awards. Now, Ronson has shared his hopes to collaborate with Gosling again. Sharing the experience of working together with Billboard, Ronson recalled having a “lot of fun, especially making the Christmas version.”

The festive rendition of ‘I’m Just Ken’ came about when Ronson contacted Gosling while Barbie was wrapping up to ensure that he was happy with the final song. “I was like, ‘Hey, we finished the version actually, Slash is playing on it, I just want to make sure you’re happy with it before we mix it,’” he recalled, “And he really loved it.”

The pair began to talk about music and Gosling shared his love for Scott Walker. “I was like, ‘Well, we should do a version of ‘Ken’ that just does something a little different, like a different arrangement,’” Ronson explained, “Because, you know, there was a lot of talk like the ’80s power ballad and this, and I mean, it has all those things, but I think some of my pride as a songwriter, I wanted to prove that it wasn’t just that.”

They began to hang out and created the new version. Ronson deemed Gosling “Ryan… he’s got amazing taste and great ideas,” Ronson enthused, “and he’s an extremely funny and talented musician and singer. He concluded, “I would love to make more music,” and even suggested that the two have already been in conversation about the prospect.

Revisit ‘I’m Just Ken’ below.

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