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Welcome to an exclusive interview with three exceptional talents in the Electronic Dance music industry: Manu P, Federico Rosa, and Andrea Rubolini. These dynamic DJs and producers have captivated audiences with their unique soundscapes, infectious beats, and unwavering passion for music. In this in-depth conversation, we delve into their inspiring journeys, from their early influences and the pivotal moments that sparked their love for Electronic music, to the technical skills they’ve honed and the unforgettable performances that have shaped their careers. With their collective experiences and individual perspectives, we uncover the secrets behind their evolution as artists, the defining characteristics of their sound, and the unwavering inspiration that drives their creativity.  

Join us as we explore their stories, insights, and valuable advice for aspiring musicians in this captivating interview with Manu P, Federico Rosa, and Andrea Rubolini.

Hello Manu, Federico & Andrea, how are you doing?  

Manu: All is well, and you?  

Federico: All is well, thank you.  

Andrea: Hi, everything is good, thanks!

Firstly, we’d like to know, how did you first get interested in Electronic Dance music?  

Manu: Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been interested in Disco music. Then, over the years, I started DJing, and from there, it was all evolution. 

Federico: I’ve always been passionate about music. Since I was a kid at birthday parties, I was the one preparing CDs to play on the stereo during the evening, or among friends we always boosted our home stereo systems or parties hahaha. We were already crazy about basslines. Then gradually, I decided to buy my first console.  

Andrea: Around 15 years old, I had been playing the guitar for a few years and hearing Electronic music for the first time was love at first sight.

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career as a DJ/producer?  

Manu: When I started as a kid trying to put two tracks together by mixing them initially on the computer, and then with turntables.  

Federico: Initially, it was just for fun. As years went by, I realized that the passion was so strong that I wanted to make it a real job.  

Andrea: The moment I bought my first turntables, it was love at first sight.

How did you learn the technical skills involved in producing Electronic music?  

Manu: It was a self-taught journey, between YouTube videos and many trials alone at home and in the studio.  

Federico: I attended a few Electronic music courses and then continued on my own at home.  

Andrea: I am self-taught, with a lot of hard work.

Can you walk us through the early days of your career? How did you get your first big gig? Manu: The first live date in a club was a school party many years ago, when I was still in high school.  

Federico: I started playing at birthday parties and bars in my area. The first time in a club was by participating in a contest in a club near my town. From there, I started collaborating with event organizers in my area.  

Andrea: My first gig was at a matinee for the Carnival party, then from there, various opportunities opened up, up until now.

Can you talk about a particularly memorable moment or performance early in your career?  

Manu: I think the first gig in a club was indeed the turning point that made me decide that this was for me.  

Federico: The first time I played on New Year’s Eve, in a sports hall in a town near where I live was a nice feeling… there were more than two thousand people.  

Andrea: Definitely the first time, it was a great emotion, it gave me the grit and motivation to work hard.

How do you feel you’ve evolved as an artist since the early days of your career?  

Manu: This has been a very important transition. At the beginning, I didn’t look at who was in front of me and inexperience led me to go with my flow without thinking about the audience. Over the years, I have understood that a good DJ is not only one who plays good music, but is one who plays good music, knows how to behave in a certain way behind the console and makes the audience enjoy what he likes. The DJ must know how to entertain and put on a show.  

Federico: I think I have gained much more confidence, learned how to behave and have had many of the questions I asked myself at the beginning of my journey answered. There’s always so much to learn, but at this moment, I feel much more mature and determined to pursue my passion.  

Andrea: Clearly it took a lot of time and work, but now I feel I have gained much more confidence and a broader perspective of the music scene, from the work of a producer to the dancefloor.

What do you consider to be the defining characteristics of your sound?  

Manu: I believe it’s a mix that goes from House to Techno. But if I had to name a specific genre to identify my sound, I believe it doesn’t exist.  

Federico: A journey characterized by pure energy.  

Andrea: I don’t have a specific genre, I like and play music with influences and samples of 80s House music along with current or still unreleased records.

How do you stay inspired and motivated to create new music?  

Manu: By listening to new music and understanding what I would like people to listen to and what I would like to make them enjoy.  

Federico: Always listening to new music and frequenting clubs, both for work and to listen to my favorite artists, helps me a lot.  

Andrea: By always keeping up with the current sound and trying to listen to all the new music that comes out.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in the music industry? Manu: It’s a world full of pitfalls, you have to be smarter than everyone else and put everyone behind you.  

Federico: Make the music you like and always keep your feet on the ground. If it’s what you really want, sooner or later the results will come.  

Andrea: Work hard and seriously, and always make music following what comes from within and what gives you emotions.

Looking back on your career so far, is there anything you would have done differently? Manu: I don’t know, I’m quite satisfied with everything. Even the mistakes, because if they hadn’t happened, I could still be prey to people who no longer exist in the nightlife world and were just living off my shoulders.  

Federico: Everything has served to grow. As they say, we learn from our mistakes. So no, I regret nothing.  

Andrea: No, I would do everything I’ve done again, even some mistakes or errors, because everything has given me experience and helped me open my eyes in some situations. 

Manu P, Federico Rosa, and Andrea Rubolini have shared valuable insights into their musical journeys and growth as artists. Their genuine passion, dedication, and artistic vision have shaped their careers and propelled them to new heights in the Electronic Dance music scene. We can anticipate more exciting collaborations and innovative productions from these talented individuals in the future, keep an eye on their continued success and contributions to the evolving world of Electronic Dance music. 


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