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Lil Shxwn’s New Single “Time Lost” Proves Its Creator Has It All To Make It In The Music Industry

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Known from BET’s reality show “Nellyville,” the rapper Nelly’s nephew, American Hip-Hop artist Lil Shxwn released visuals for his latest hit single titled “Time Lost,” directed by D. Ferg and produced by JCaspersen & 300Cam. 

The track reflects the artist’s sharp skills and talent along with a unique style. His music is filled with sensual energy, warmth and emotion, displaying groovy vibes throughout a flawless production. Lil Shxwn started recording when he was only 11. He grew up in a household where hip-hop was worshiped. Add to the list his genes, and it becomes clear why his music sounds so good. Shxwn, who grew up during the height of St. Louis’ Hip Hop culture, brings a new flavor to modern hip-hop. According to him, trap started to sound too generic. Undoubtedly, his music is a breath of fresh air for the genre’s fans. Currently, the artist is working on new projects, including singles, an EP, and a debut album. 

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