Lékan Tella Delivers Smooth Bedroom R&B On His Debut Single ‘Emptiness’

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Lékan Tella channels his inner Frank Ocean and The Internet vibe, as he delivers a smooth bedroom R&B on his debut single entitled ‘Emptiness.’ The single is an example of a promising career, as the song is a well-produced and polished track that presents his enormous talent. 

‘Emptiness’ is a bittersweet love ballad that describes the sore feelings Lékan Tella has experienced in the past with his beloved one. While he admits and serenades ‘My baby’s been gone a while, left me to myself / And my sad, sad, sad love songs’ listeners are able to catch his romantic approach and simply vibe with the creamy and soft beat he layers his lyrics on. He continues with a poetic feel singing, ‘To you, I part my lips with the sound of emptiness,’ and closes the track with a light lofi leaving the audience hungry for more. 

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