Kit Harington reveals the fate of Jon Snow ‘Game of Thrones’ spin-off

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Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow on HBO’s Game of Thrones, has revealed that a spin-off based around his character is no longer in the works as they couldn’t find the right story to tell.

Talk of a Snow spin-off circulated in 2022, prompting Game of Thrones writer George R. R. Martin to comment on the project. “Yes, there is a Jon Snow show in development,” he wrote on his blog at the time. The show was to be titled Snow.

Harington has stayed tight-lipped about the spin-off show himself, but he has now revealed the fate of the project during a conversation with ScreenRant. The actor noted that he has avoided talking about the show to prevent leaks, theories, and feelings on a show that “may never happen.”

The British star explained: “Because in development, you look at every angle, and you see whether it’s worth it.” At the moment, Harrington suggested that it’s not.

“Currently, it’s off the table,” he confirmed, “because we all couldn’t find the right story to tell that we were all excited about enough.”

The actor acknowledged they could return to the project at some point in the future, but it’s definitely been shelved for now. While the Snow spin-off show may be off the cards, a new season of prequel series House of the Dragon is just on the horizon.

The first season of HBO’s House of the Dragon premiered in the summer of 2022, receiving widespread acclaim and award-season success. With an impressive ensemble cast that includes Matt Smith, Paddy Considine and Emma D’Arcy, the show follows the House of Targaryen before the events of Game of Thrones. It took home the Emmy for ‘Outstanding Drama Series’.

The finale of the first season set the Targaryen civil war into motion, closing with a shot of Rhaenyra receiving the news of Luke’s death. The final shot saw Rhaenyra looking at the camera with a vengeful look on her face, promising more drama in the second instalment.

Almost two years after the first seaso aired, season two is set to begin on June 16th. The first episode has been directed by Alan Taylor, who previously worked on Game of Thrones, alongside other HBO shows including The Sopranos. The eight-episode run also includes entries by Geeta Patel and Loni Peristere.

Watch the trailer for the new instalment of House of the Dragon below. Season two begins on June 16th.

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