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With a commanding force and powerful determination, Kallaghan is rising to the forefront of Electronic Music; disregarding limitations and refusing genre norms, this talented Producer and DJ has shifted his focus, stepping out from behind the desk to emerge as an exciting and refreshing addition to the Electronic Music scene. Having spent years establishing himself as a Billboard-charting Record Producer, working with artists across a range of genres, Kallaghan is now building on these foundations to present himself as a talented Bass House DJ and Producer, releasing hard-hitting productions and captivating crowds with his energetic live sets. 

With an impressive talent and determined drive, there is no doubt that Kallaghan has the tools to carve out a successful path within Electronic Music. His experience and skillset have enabled him to curate a sonic identity that is high in quality and unique in sound; characterised by the infectious energy he injects into his productions, Kallaghan’s music never fails to impress listeners. With over 600 million streams to his name, this Producer is a dominating presence within the industry and, now as he appears on the Electronic Music scene, one thing is for certain, Kallaghan’s musical journey is only just getting started; his arsenal of achievements to date serve as proof that this is a Producer and DJ to keep a close eye on as his next chapter promises to be a wild and intense adventure.  

As he quickly makes a name for himself within Electronic Music, Kallaghan’s reputation as a live DJ is growing fast; taking to stages across the US, Kallaghan invigorates crowds with his powerful mixing style, seamlessly blending mixes and delivering an unmatched energy through the decks. His magnetic stage presence demands attention, and as he brings electrifying sonic experiences, Kallaghan consistently ensures that his live performances are unforgettable. With such a captivating charisma, it is no surprise that Kallaghan has had the opportunity to open for some of the top names within Electronic Music, including Diplo, Steve Aoki, CID, and Shiba San, to name a few: a credit to his talents, Kallaghan’s achievements when it comes to live DJing serve as proof of his unstoppable momentum and unwavering passion that is sure to see him reaching even higher heights soon.  

A true rising star within Electronic Music, Kallaghan promises to keep shining bright as he continues to drop punchy productions and deliver striking live sets. So make sure to keep watching as this talented Producer and DJ makes his unmissable mark on the landscape of Electronic Music.      

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