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Miami-based DJ and Producer JKATZ unveils his latest Tech House track, ‘Feel Alive’; set for release via DJ/Producer Cody Chase’s imprint Chasin Records, this new release is poised to achieve new milestones for this young producer, with its hard-hitting beats and striking sonic details. Showcasing his dynamic signature sound, JKATZ takes the high-octane energy from the Tech House genre to curate a powerful production style that consistently delivers refreshingly upbeat and punchy soundscapes.

Although young to the Electronic Dance music scene, JKATZ is quickly making a name for himself, unleashing his highly energetic performance style and electrifying production sound to audiences across the globe. A talented DJ, JKATZ has taken to stages at international venues that include Oasis in Miami, Evol in New York, and Skandinavian in Mykonos; as he shows no signs of slowing down, JKATZ’s list of performances is sure to continue growing as he keeps building momentum, dropping smash productions and impressing crowds with his mesmerising mixes. With such a powerful sound, it is no surprise that top DJs like BLOND:ISH and Hugel have supported his music, a deserving achievement for the skilled Producer that further proves his impressive talents. Now, as he is poised to reach even more milestone successes, JKATZ appears as an exciting and refreshing addition to the Electronic Music realm; this new stellar release delivers a vibrant and pulse-racing listening experience that is sure to propel JKATZ’s name even higher on the list of innovative DJs and Producers to follow closely as he keeps carving out his unique path.

Featuring a thumping beat, a powerful underlying bassline, and processed vocal, ‘Feel Alive’ delivers a captivating and uplifting sonic journey that guides listeners through full-bodied pads, intensifying elements and catchy synth leads. The euphoric backing vocals and energetic low end add to the anthemic sound during the breakdowns; when the energy returns at the drops, the soundscape is layered with catchy synth leads and pulsing arpeggiators, bringing hypnotising energy to the track.

‘Feel Alive’ is a punchy and energetic new track from JKATZ that proves his skills and talents as a Producer, showcasing his high-quality production style and impressive signature sound. Don’t forget to follow him across social media to stay up to date on new releases and live shows. ‘Feel Alive’ is out now via Chasin Records and is available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

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