JAD3D Brings in a Fresh New Dubstep Smash with “Find My Way”

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For sure, this is the best new Dubstep song of 2020. I’m referring to JAD3D‘s hottest release on Careless Records, called “Find My Way”. You will be very stoked once you hear energetic drops and the melodic voice of Alley Parton. Get lost in with such singable verse lines straight away. What’s more, if you’re feeling the melancholic sensation on this track, then that’s a good sign as the artist has served its purpose.

The super chill piano intro + the splashing of raindrops give a clue this is not the typical track with generic Dubstep beat drum or wobbles on repeat. Actually, “Find My Way” is quite the opposite as the Chicago-based producer showcases a solid sound design and lyrical base that exudes so many emotions. The production quality is insane, so I think it deserves to top the electronic music charts anytime soon. Without further ado, expect JAD3D to continue to gain momentum in the Bass scene. It would be a crime if you forget to hit the play button down here. Enjoy it.


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