It’s Time For Us To “Wake Up”, Says Kelly Monrow

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Renowned artist, singer-songwriter, and actress Kelly Monrow makes our hearts flutter with an emotional single “Wake Up”. It has everything – the guilt, the agony, the powerlessness, and the hurt. What a stunning piece of art that makes the listeners feel a myriad of emotions and not simply relate but see themselves in the narrator’s shoes. Powerful beyond words, the song is accompanied by an equally impactful music video in which Kelly Monrow shows off her acting talent, bringing some of her best work to her listeners.

Monrow started getting her musical juices flowing by teaming up with an old friend and producer Dean Sams of Lonestar to create a three-track EP called Pronoia, including hits like “Wide Open”, “Either Way”, and “Not If You Stay”. Kelly then worked with Nashville producer Sinclair co-writing and creating her first single “Mama Said”, which she released in October 2021. The two have spent a year working on a new sound in her debut full-length album, Scars of Venus that was released on October 10, 2022. 

From the fist-pumping, powerhouse track “The Woman”, to the dark pop reflective song “Wounds”, Kelly Monrow bares her soul and claims her throne in this latest LP.  While “Go For Gold” is an exciting percussive inspirational anthem with a healthy dose of EDM, Radio-ready pop tracks like “Ain’t Mine”, “Jagged Heart”, and “Wake Up” mix novelty and wholesome familiarity.

Make sure to check out Kelly Monrow’s music and stay tuned for more!

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