Is Bristol’s new mystery “adulterer” plaque a Bansky?

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Recently, a brass plaque appeared on a bench on the Royal York Crescent in Clifton, Bristol. The eye-catching inscription quickly caught the attention of the local art community, who wondered whether the mystery artist Banksy was behind the strange new installation.

From a distance, both plaque and bench are no different from any of the others that line the idyllic crescent. However, upon closer inspection, the recently installed memorial reads: “For My Love / 06.09.69 – 25.12.23 / Husband, Father, Adulterer / Yes, Roger, I knew.”

The dates – a birth that twice alludes to the ’69’ sex position and Christmas Day death – immediately raised suspicion that the bench might be disingenuous. This was further heightened by the fact that despite Roger’s recent passing, it doesn’t seem to have had any visitors paying their respects – albeit the adultery could explain that.

This got locals wondering, ‘If the plaque is a comic art installation, then who is behind it?’ This question has sent the local art clique into a somewhat more wholesome conspiracy rabbit hole than the world is used to these days. The conclusion that many have arrived at is that it is a rather more subtle example of Banksy’s work in what is thought to be his home city.

Why do people think Banksy is from Bristol?

The first Banksy’s emerged in the 1990s across various areas of Bristol. It was in the city that they first made an anonymous name for themselves. In fact, their work was almost exclusively sprayed in Bristol until the early 2000s when they seemingly moved to London and established an international reputation.

However, since then, the ties with Bristol remain, and the masked artist has had several exhibitions in the area. Alongside his local-like satire of the West England region, this has led many to believe that Banksy is a Bristolian. Several studies by criminologists have also used police procedural profiling to apparently pinpoint him to the area.

Why is the “adulterer plaque believed to be a Banksy?

Royal York Crescent is touted as one of Bristol’s most bohemian and affluent neighbourhoods. Thus, many believe that if Banksy had a residence in the city, it would likely be near the bench that now sports the mysterious plaque. So, maybe it is something to simply brighten the covert creative’s morning walks.

Adding fuel to this fire is the fact that it wouldn’t be the first time that the masked graffiti master has addressed adultery in the city. He previously unveiled a piece featuring a naked man hanging from a window ledge as an enraged husband scowls out of the window, looking for whoever has seemingly been entertaining his wife.

So far, however, nobody has claimed ownership over the much-talked-about plaque.

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