“Gay Christ” Easter poster causes controversy in Spain

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A poster created by Seville artist Salustiano García Cruz depicting an unusually handsome Jesus has been accused of being “homoerotic”, with the art piece causing a storm on social media.

The poster was commissioned by the General Council of Brotherhoods ahead of Easter Holy Week processions in Seville. After the Council approved the image, it was unveiled to much controversy and accused of making a mockery out of Jesus’ image.

“It’s absolutely shameful and an aberration,” said the ultra-conservative Catholic IPSE, adding that it was “effeminate” and “camp”.

The backlash has led to a petition demanding the poster be repealed, which has collected over 12,000 signatures in a matter of days.

Seville Mayor José Luis Sanz has dismissed the uproar as “artificial”, saying he appreciated the variations of the Holy Week posters: “Some posters are riskier, some more classical, some are more daring.”

Cruz defended his artwork and said: “A gay Christ because he looks sweet and is handsome, come on! We are in the 21st century.” He explained in El Mundo that his son, Horacio, was the model for the poster.

“A lot of controversy comes from the fact that the model is too good, the Christ too handsome, too attractive,” he said. He noted that one silver lining admist the uproar is that Horacio has been receiving a lot of compliments and well wishes.

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