Don Modus Unmasks The Fakes And Speaks His Truth In “Crocodile Tears” 

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Don Modus, the rising star of NY’s hip hop scene, continues to shine with explosive singles like “On Sight,” “Couldn’t Be Me,” “Big Time,” “East 2 West,” and “Man Of The House.” Now, he unveils his latest release, “Crocodile Tears,” showcasing a mellow and melancholic side. Produced by Dapp Fetti, the track delves into the story of a woman hiding her toxicity through fake crying.

Modus bares his soul, exposing the deceit he has endured. He emerges stronger, unleashing compelling verses like: “Broke down who I was so I could be with you/ I don’t bout love but I was feeling you/ All the games you play they be hurtin me/ Cut you out my life, did it urgently/ Crocodiles tears when you did me wrong/ Went behind my back now you in a song/ Why my patience short but my money long/ Thought you had my heart now I’m movin on.”

In his newest release, Modus fearlessly narrates his own journey. With lines like “Yea you know I’m him, All I do is win” and “Said you got a hundred thousand, welcome to the club,” he confidently displays his accomplishments and emanates an unapologetic swagger. The track not only highlights his lyrical prowess and wordplay but also showcases his knack for astute metaphors such as: “Break an RP like a Twix, 3.3 up in a spliff.”

With “Crocodile Tears,” Don Modus solidifies his status as the one to watch. His extraordinary talent and authentic passion for artistry radiate through this single. As a promising rapper, he has more thrilling releases on the horizon, including an upcoming 6-track EP. He also plans to drop a new collection from his renowned streetwear brand, Collective by Don Modus.

Listen to Don Modus’ new single below:

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