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D’Lemor Finally Does What She Was Always Meant To Do: “Shine”

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D’Lemor has had music in her heart since she was a young child. Her father transmitted to her the passion for music, and she always practiced, learned, and improved her skills since her childhood. However, as an immigrant who moved to the United States when she was young, in 1985, the difficulties to adapt to a new life and environment led her to study and work in various fields within design, always striving to create beautiful things. It is only years later that she finally decided to go back to her initial love, music, and we now have the outcome of this decision under the form of her debut single, “Shine.” From Celine Dion to Barbara Streisand, she was inspired by many icons throughout her life, and those influences are clearly audible throughout “Shine.” She has somehow managed to add her own touch, which is incredibly beautiful, from the feeling she conveys through her performance, both truly jaw-dropping. 

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