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Today, we are thrilled to be joined by the talented Lorna James to discuss her approach to music production, her studio set-up, and the ways in which she has evolved as an Artist throughout her career. No doubt on a path to continue drawing in Electronic Music fans, as she presents a unique and experienced perspective on the genre, Lorna James appears as a Producer to keep an eye on.   

So, get ready as we dive into this exclusive interview, learning more about the production techniques and processes behind Lorna James’ captivating music. 

Hey, Lorna James thanks for joining us! How are you?  

Brilliant thanks – I am very happy to be here! 

To start, can you tell us, as you’ve grown as an Artist, how would you say your sound has evolved?  

I would say that I’ve become more confident in my own sound. My first releases were mainly classical piano, which I then introduced into House tracks, and as I progressed in what I was doing I began to experiment with ambient and ethereal sounds.  


Can you remember what your first recording set-up looked like? What was the  first piece of equipment that you bought?  

It was just a laptop and an electric piano!  


What can we expect from your next releases? Have you been experimenting with any new techniques and sounds?  

I’ve spent most of this last year working on both Ambient and Dance tracks. My Ambient music has taken priority as I have an album coming out in February 2024, but shortly after that, I’m releasing a Dance album which I’m very excited about.  


Do you have any favourite techniques or pieces of equipment that you like to use when producing new music?  

I love layering atmospheres and samples to create a vibe, and then putting piano chords and melodies over the top.  


How has your production setup changed as you’ve been exploring different  avenues of your creativity?  

In the beginning, I used to wait until I was in a professional studio before I started recording anything, but I’ve used technology more and more as I’ve progressed.   


For those who are new to your sound, how would you describe it? 

It’s pretty hard to describe as it varies so much, but there’s nearly always a piano, usually an ethereal female vocal and a lot of emotion! All I ever want is for my listeners to be changed in some positive way after listening to my music. I usually have a thought or emotion in mind when I’m writing, whether it’s motivation, celebration, empowerment, or some other feeling.  


How would you say your production approach has developed as you’ve found new ways to express your creativity?   

I would estimate that about 90% of my music is now created in my home studio. For the finishing touches, I like to go into a professional studio and bounce ideas off other people. So, the way I work has definitely altered – and I think you can hear it in what I’m producing now. 


Are there any pieces of equipment or different sounds that you are hoping to incorporate into your next musical releases? 

This year I have fallen in love with the Indian Sitar, so you’ll hear a lot of that in my current and near-future releases. On the technical side, I’ve got an AKAI Professional MPC One – learning how to use it is a work in progress!  


Can you tell us about your usual workflow when producing a track?  

It varies, but I usually start with chords on the piano, create a vibe around it with synths and samples, and then add percussion, a melody and stabs and decoration afterwards. That said, sometimes I’ll write a melody and write in the opposite way from the way I’ve just described. 

As we wrap up our conversation with Lorna James, we thank her for taking the time to speak with us and for giving us a small glimpse into her creativity; with such a passion and determination, we look forward to hearing what is next to come from this skilled Producer. So, a talent not to be missed, make sure to follow Lorna James across social media to stay up-to-date with her upcoming releases and projects. 


Lorna James 

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