Dimitri Vegas Teams With David Guetta, Nicole Scherzinger, and Azteck For His Second Solo Single “The Drop”

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Dance music legends Dimitri Vegas & David Guetta are teaming up with American singer & actress Nicole Scherzinger and DJ/Producer Azteck to release the official music video for their addictive house single, “The Drop,” available today on YouTube, HERE. The new track is the second official solo single from Dimitri Vegas and is an addictive and uplifting song for the Summer.

The animated music video transforms Dimitri Vegas, David Guetta, Nicole Scherzinger, and Azteck into comic book superhero versions of themselves in an adventurous fantasy world as they race to catch “the drop” while careening past volcanoes, dinosaurs, sea creatures, and more. The visual begins with Scherzinger summoning an energy orb, which floats and turns green before racing away. At that moment, two portals open and our heroes – cartoon versions of Dimitri Vegas and David Guetta – drop down, each in their own futuristic vehicles. Dimitri, in his “Vegas”-plated jet-propelled hover vehicle, races alongside Guetta, who jets in his motorcycle-styled speeder. As they chase the green orb off a ramp, over a dinosaur-embedded volcano, the drop explodes perfectly, just in time to see Guetta leaving his vehicle to catch the orb while flying through the air. Just as he seems to be getting away, Scherzinger transforms into a mythical creature as she trails Guetta’s vehicle. The orb falls off the cliff and into the ocean, where a giant sea monster is lurking. Guetta emerges from the flames of his burning vehicle, scarred and weapon in hand, ready to take on the transformed dragon in a field of flames when Dimitri swoops in with his flying car and rescues him with the two flying away. To be continued…

Dimitri Vegas, David Guetta, Nicole Scherzinger, and Azteck have all released numerous hit songs in the past; however, it’s the first time the four collaborated together to shake up the music industry. The collaboration of legendary dance music artists Dimitri Vegas and David Guetta with Pop superstar Nicole Scherzinger and new age DJ Azteck make for an ideal song to please their fans,  both young and old. “The Drop” starts with a solid electro drum beat that hits the soul with engaging lyrics by Scherzinger’s distinctly harmonious vocals as it draws listeners into a break that head towards the climax of the track and more highly percussive beats. The addictive tune will keep fans fully immersed in its house music vibes as it ends; leaving the listener wanting more of this addictive tune.

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