AWAY and Crywolf Make Their Night Mode Debut With Thrill-Inducing Single “Parasite”

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AWAY and Crywolf latch onto the Night Mode catalog with an enthralling single, featuring Roniit, as part of the label’s third season of releases.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the groundbreaking producer AWAY has been rewiring the way our brains think about electronic music via an unadulterated and impossibly potent output that strips down the dividers standing between genres. His productions are always poignant by nature, but none seem to be more visceral than “Parasite,” an invasive aural organism taking the shape of his debut appearance on Night Mode. On it, AWAY links up with fellow Angeleno and multi-instrumentalist/producer Crywolf to construct a gasp-inducing thriller derived from blood-rushing bass, somber keys, and glum textures that feed off of the hushed howling delivered by talented singer/songwriter Roniit. The byproduct is an unforgettable listening experience that will burrow deep inside your brain.

Before ending up as a curiously perfect super-collab between the aesthetic minds of frequent co-conspirators AWAY, Roniit, and Crywolf, “Parasite” initially began as an experimental private writing exercise for Roniit. Her goal was to make a song in one night with absolutely no boundaries, standards, or regard for external factors or branding. What came out was raw anger—an emotion rarely heard in the writing or production of Roniit’s typically ethereal music. After hearing the scratch track, AWAY immediately heard the potential and asked to work with it, bringing his mastery of his signature dark and distorted style, quickly developing it into a full track that blew away both of their expectations. Feeling like something was missing from the end, AWAY and Roniit brought in Crywolf, who helped perfect the writing, and jumped in to craft an ending section that takes the last portion of the song into his own dark world, a final plummet into the void.


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