Andy Keels Releases The Critically Acclaimed New Single “Get Up Stand Up”

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Andy Keels, the British singer-songwriter known for having released the single “Dead To Me” earlier this year, now returns with a follow-up release, “Get Up Stand Up.” Keels lives in New York, a city that inspires him creatively and influences his artistic direction in so many ways, a much audible aspect on both his solo singles. He captures the breadth of the grunge genre, years after the movement became a global phenomenon thanks to bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam just to mention the most iconic ones. While some had predicted that grunge would fade away over time, artists like Andy Keels prove just the opposite. Despite its past influences “Get Up Stand Up” certainly holds a modern and contemporary form of rock with a groovy beat, a catchy chorus, all wrapped-up in a gorgeous production.  

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