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Zantro & Scissors Team Up To Turn “Fly Me To The Moon” Into Tech Banger

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One evening Zantro was listening to his Spotify playlist at a comfortable volume when Frank Sinatra ‘’Fly Me To The Moon’’ came on. Zantro was seized by his inspiration and searched the internet for a dance cover song or tech house remix of the timeless classic.

Euphoric and full of energy, Zantro and Scissors met in the studio and started producing kicks and basslines on the Moog Matriarch and drums on the virtual TR-909. The beat was fresh, dynamic and groovy! The different elements fit together like a puzzle. But one last piece was missing. As fate would have it, Mariame C, the native Moroccan was the last piece that was missing for our cover. Her voice, along with the old-fashioned tape effect, complements it so well and stays true to the original song.

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