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Italy’s powerhouse duo VINAI teams up with the rising production talents of the half Italian, half Brazilian LA Vision. Titled ‘Hide Away’, the new joint release is a tender and emotive club hit, built from the ground up with contemplative vocals and VINAI’s signature big room bounce style. A certifiable secret weapon for DJs around the world, ‘Hide Away’ is guaranteed to bring fans out of the woodwork with its synthetic vocal harmonies and thick, rolling basslines.

‘Hide Away’ is what happens when these two acts join forces – a rare collaboration that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Powering up with a stream of pulsating bass chords, the pitched vocals bring a melancholic vibe that continues as the chorus breaks out. Cool layered beats appear as the energetic backing to a bittersweet song, highlighted by a strong, singalong vocal chant, ready to get all hands waving in the air.

Consider them tastemakers in the pop/dance crossover genre, VINAI, and LA Vision deliver an upwinding tune in every aspect. Whether it’s the elements of classic house and Euro-dance combined with a fresh, contemporary production, or the team-up between a veteran act and a new, upcoming artist, ‘Hide Away’ has all of the makings of a timeless dance pearl. Better join this party, cause it’s about to start!

“‘Hide Away’– it’s the true hybrid between a slappy EDN song and Euro-dance anthem. It’s something pretty unique that we totally love!” – VINAI

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