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“Unveiled” By Summer Watson Is A Healing Dialogue With The Soul

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Royal College of Music, London graduate operatic soprano Summer Watson’s latest release, “Unveiled,” is a healing dialogue with the soul. While you hear the otherworldly, minimalistic music, you digest the beautiful lyrics, you will feel how the song gets under your skin, making sense of every detail of it inside your entire being. The song is from the artist’s upcoming EP Unveiled and gives a taste of what’s to come to the audience. 

Judging from the single, the EP has to be one of the most soulful and spiritual releases of the year. “Unveiled” opens the soul, encouraging us to open ourselves to the world and get a chance to be heard and healed. Summer herself opens herself to the world with the release of the upcoming EP, the first in which she composed from start to finish. 

The song is a follow-up to another very sensitive, emotional and intimate release, “Break the Silence,” which empowers to fight and never give up. Summer’s both releases hold strong messages and caring energies. She creates a safe atmosphere for her audience and inspires them with her soulful messages. 

Summer had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2014, and she was able to defeat the disease. Now 43, she has already seen death face to face and came back to encourage us to live and see the beauty of the world through her music. Check “Unveiled” and help her with helping you open an angle of vision you have never seen or felt before. 

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