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The Music Industry Has Been Put On Notice of an Impending Musical Evolution by Miami-Based Multifaceted Artist and Crossover DJ Ambrxse

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A triple threat: vocalist, songwriter, and now DJ, Ambrxse is not one to stand still as things evolve around him! Always looking for ways to better himself and his career, he has never been short of ideas for taking his music to the next available top level, and that is what he intends to do by revitalizing his music and affording it a more appealing, universally accessible, and dynamic touch that is set to change the dynamics of the music game for the better. Having transitioned into DJ’ing, Ambrxse realized that it offered him more versatility and flexibility, and he feels that by building on this dynamism, he will be able to create a sound that is instantly recognizable by audiences globally!

Ambrxse’s career has been nothing short of successful and inspiring; he has released deservedly acclaimed music and worked with some of the best talents the music world has to offer. He now seeks to use his experience, knowledge, and expertise to engineer a brand of sound that he will be happy to call authentically his!

As someone who possesses a penchant for effortlessly blending R&B and progressive house music, he is set to fashion a high-end sound that will bring all these elements together, add that heartiness and vigor of the DJ sounds, and also sneak in his luscious and glorious vocals—all wrapped up under one gift that will be a joy to receive!

Warning: This is not your typical sound; there is an irresistible quality to it and an inexpressibly beautiful multi-dynamic element that is for your ears only!

Ambrxse is gearing up for the release of his new EP, “Kiss In The Chaos,” which is expected to come out in early 2023.

If I were you, I’d make camp here because, in all honesty, there is nowhere else you’d rather be!

Keep tabs on Ambrxse by following him on all his social handles and telling anyone who cares to listen that the musical messiah is back!

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