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Sensational Singer and Musician Ali Hasani’s Shows Upward Growth For A Reason

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Ali has achieved astounding success as a very young music artist and has radiated pure musical brilliance.

Having the vision to attain specific goals and aspirations in life is one thing, but having the guts and courage, working with persistence and perseverance, making bold choices along the way while facing challenges and overcoming them and still not losing hope to turn those visions into reality is a different game altogether. Every industry comes with a set of challenges for every individual that vies to make his/her mark in the same. However, what attracts more attention toward a select few is how well they sail through the rough waters and get closer to their destination called success. The music industry specifically has been one industry to have seen an influx of too many talented artists. However, it is people like Ali Hasani who effortlessly make their mark and stand tall and unique with their incredible musical talents.


Born in April 2002 in the South of Tehran, Iran and seeing the culture of music flourish in his nation, he was stunned by how music can alter lives for the better. It can add more meaning to people’s lives and also can serve as the whole purpose for a few people. This amazed him, and he saw himself getting more inclined toward music every day. This is how he fell in love with music, and since then has only immersed more into the sector with the genuine intent to keep bettering his craft as a singer and musician and keep creating soul-tugging songs that can easily connect with listeners and music lovers.


He began his journey in music at a very naïve age, and today before turning 21, he has already given so many hit tracks like Tanham Bezar, Kojayi, Dast Bardar, Saat 5, Modele Khas, Bargard, Aroom Nemigigiram, Tabire Khab, Jat Toye Ghalbe, Pol and more on top sites like Spotify that have gone ahead in winning hearts of people.

Ali Hasani, apart from being an outstanding singer and musician, is also a producer for several tracks and has dipped his hands into many other aspects of music, which he believes will help him become a more versatile music professional and inspire so many other budding talents in the industry.


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