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Sean Tyas Presents ABSTRAKT – The Back to the ’90s “ATOMIC EP”

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Sean Tyas, the studio design master, DJ, producer, record label owner, and pioneer of the original trance sound, has remained an active force in the music scene for over 15 years. He consistently amazes us with his innovative projects, whether he’s establishing a new label, playing out with various sounds that often lean towards the harder, more aggressive yet still melodic side of the trance genre, or delivering unforgettable performances on stages around the world. Since the inception of his career, Tyas has been a source of inspiration for many. He continues to serve as a role model for aspiring musicians with his distinctive approach to music production.

Following the resounding success of his album Degeneration, Sean Tyas has chosen to focus on personal projects that defy the traditional limitations of BPM, genre, style, and any rules. AbSTrakt, his latest project, embodies the darker side of his musical style, delving into uncharted territories of raw, unrefined, harsh, and abrasive sounds, and is released under his fresh imprint, Degenerate. Listeners were given a glimpse of what AbSTrakt sounds like when the first track, “In The Dark,” was released two weeks ago, and the response was overwhelming. If you need convincing, check out Beatport. The track quickly ascended the ranks on the Top 5 Trance Chart, proving AbSTrakt’s potential as a formidable presence in the music industry.

The Atomic EP has emerged from the shadows, showcasing three powerful tracks that all pack a mighty punch. Each track has its own unique style, making it extremely difficult to choose a favorite.

Prodigal is my love letter to the big beat era, which in my opinion was led by legends The Prodigy, specifically Liam Howlett. The Prodigy sound was such a huge part of inspiring me to do what I do today, and I wanted that essence.

Feel Alive has other bits that corrupted my 90s mind. The synth riff summons Daft Punk vibes, while the repetitive vocal carries the groove over a very raw one. Synthwise, I shrugged off the overdone Unison saws and settled with a nice simple double detune like they did in the old days.

In A Day, was actually the first tune I finished for the EP. One day I was chatting with a friend and complaining about how I sometimes overthink productions and techniques. He suggested challenging myself to do a whole track in one day and not overthink anything. And sure enough, In A Day was born.” – Sean shared.

True fans will spot the correlation between the artwork and Tytanium, which is Sean Tyas’ original label. However, one thing is undeniable – AbSTrakt is set to conquer any stage or festival. If you’re a high-energy beats and dancing lover, then this EP is an absolute must-listen. Sean Tyas is determined to bring back the vibe and ambiance of the 90s club scene, and he has undoubtedly honed his skills in doing so. Therefore, don’t miss out on streaming the Atomic EP, available now on all major streaming platforms:

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