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Rising Musician Seramasamy Is the Name to Know in House Music

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House music is one of the most beloved and popular electronic music genres today. In the last few years, the genre has experienced a revitalization worldwide, with new artists like fast-rising deep and future house musician, DJ, and producer, Seramasamy, shaping it in a fresh and exciting way. The New-York based songwriter has kept fans entertained with his innovative style and distinct sound.

His work has attracted massive attention on social media and music streaming platforms such as Spotify, where he has over 60K monthly listeners. One of Seramasamy’s first releases, “Why Don’t You Stay”, has 100K+ streams. House fans across the globe have praised the song’s pulsating rhythms, chords, and message.

Seramasamy aims to use the power of house music to inspire, energize, and uplift others. His songs often deal with raw emotions that come to the surface in romantic relationships, and his diversity as an artist helps him to bring this out perfectly. Seramasamy’s music is unique, and his inspiration stems from house music legends. Seramasamy has always been a big fan of EDM, which he says deeply inspired him to start his songwriting journey. He grew up listening to various styles of house music including Italian, Latin, Disco, and French house. He is also a pianist and learned how to play the piano at age five. One of his recent releases, “Feels Like,” exemplifies his innovative approach to house music, and the song blends traditional EDM synths with house music basslines and chords. Additionally, Seramasamy is an American of Indian descent, and he draws inspiration from KSHMR; like KSHMR, he aims to incorporate his heritage into house music and his performances.

Seramasamy has written and released several top tracks, including “Lipstick Stains”, “You Were Mine”, “Feels Right”, and “You’re Not Around”, which was released at the end of January. His second single, “Make It Right”, has over 90K streams on Spotify, and the song hit #1 on the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool. Seramasamy says one of his goals is to continue creating and releasing timeless and innovative house music that EDM fans can relate to. 

In less than a year, Seramasamy has cemented his spot in the world of house music. He has been recognized for his style and authenticity, making his songs relatable and inspiring. He is close to the 1M mark on Spotify and has thousands of followers on socials. 

However, like many other artists, he has encountered various obstacles. He says one lesson he learned in his journey so far is to be authentic. “Originality is rare, and being unique is essential in the music business. Don’t be afraid to do things your way and walk on your path, but aim to develop and refine your own style. Without having your own style, it is hard to stand out,” Seramasamy says.

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