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Pronto Spazzout Brings High Energy in Latest Visual “Jiggy Music 2”

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Pronto Spazzout just dropped his video for his record “Jiggy Music Pt. 2” and it looks like it was a movie. We got women twerking on stage at what looks to be a live show and we have a crowd of people reacting positively to the music. Pronto’s following is serious and /his fans rock with him big time.

As far as the song goes, it has a very catchy hook and the bars that Pronto Spazzout is giving are fire. It’s really interesting how he can jump in and out of different flows , while still riding the beat and giving a great performance. This is a high energy record and we were giving a high energy video.

Pronto Spazzout has really been working hard. His YouTube channel has over 5 million views and the video for “Jiggy Music Pt. 2” has hit 40k views in a short period of time. This shows hard work and dedication to his craft , along with not giving up and staying focused on building the brand.

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