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Play Records ‘Play Records at ADE 2023’

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Here with their annual collection of music for the Amsterdam Dance Event, Play Records present this year’s ‘Play at ADE 2023’. This year, the album boasts an impressive line-up of talent, varying in genres from across the Electronic Music realm. As they introduce a plethora of new artists to the Play Records family, this year’s compilation album delivers an exciting showcase of some of the top Producers and DJs currently on the Electronic Music scene, spotlighting rising talent and highlighting the very best within the genre. 

The 2023 edition prominently features the genres of Techno and Tech House, displaying the passionate creativity of DJs and Producers from across the globe. As the album presents both new and unreleased works from artists such as Cynthia Laclé, Robbie P, Sean Bartley, and DJ CJL, to name just a few, Play Records cement their established place within the Electronic Music realm as leading tastemakers: prominent in their influence on the scene, Play Records have a diverse and varied selection of Producers and DJs whose music has been distributed via their label and this new album works to highlight this diversity. Shining a light on the vibrant and ever-evolving nature of Electronic Music, this year’s ‘Play at ADE’ is sure to become a go-to destination for lovers of Electronic Dance Music to discover this year’s most promising Producers and DJs and the ideal place for newcomers to Electronic Music to start exploring the innovative and unique sounds of the genre. 

Balancing out the Techno and Tech House, the album also displays the genres of House, UK Garage, Progressive, Dubstep, Bass House, and Big Room. With acts like ACT Music Producer, Elegant Producer, Daniel Distinkt, and Hectic, this year’s compilation brings a refreshing and exciting energy, delivering a listening experience that is both diverse and considered. 


As they present their own unique perspective of Electronic Music with this new album for ADE this autumn, Play Records cement their well-established place within Electronic Music, proving themselves as leading arbiters of taste. ‘Play at ADE 2023’ is out now via Play Records and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.


Listen to ‘Play at ADE 2023’ Now:

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