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Kuestenklatsch – Breakdown

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Deep Tech Los Angeles Records (DTLA) snap up fast-rising German duo Kuestenklatsch for new single “Breakdown”. These innovative producers hail from the famous hotbed for house music, Hamburg, and bring with them a real understanding of classic house with a fresh and contemporary tech house perspective. This is the latest in a string of new tunes both signed and produced by the DTLA boss Redux Saints to the label already in 2021.  After almost 15 years grafting as DJs in their own right, long-time friends Roman and Joerg joined forces to create tech house project, Kuestenklatsch. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, they experienced two defining decades of music and the beginning of house music itself. This can be heard in their productions today, featuring strong influences from the good old days mixed with their own new school angles and creative ideas. Check out “Breakdown” below now!



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