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KRYDER brings major new vibes with MARK ROMA on ‘Pleasure or Pain’

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Kryder worked it up big last year, with his artistic district extending to releases on Axtone, Spinnin’, and Musical Freedom. Echoing the sonic nature of his latest though, the spoils of his first for 2021 have gone to Black Hole, with the Dutch giant inking ‘Pleasure Or Pain’.

Since ‘K2’, Kryder’s been able to genre-surf at will, with his most recent remix work (on ilan Bluestone & Maor Levi’s ‘Hold On’ and Solarstone’s ‘When I Dream’) putting him in a trancier state of mind. That’s tipped over into his own music, and most specifically into the trance-progressive trappings of ‘Pleasure Or Pain’.

For the track, he’s drafted in Mark Roma and the pair ride its stylistic knife-edge with precision, never allowing it to definitively rest in one genre-area or other. Metallic sub-melodies sit atop its purposeful tempo, while the no-prisoners-taken bass freights the production and its sweeping filters beckon the track’s drop. Triggered snares, pad & chord intensity and drum-punch increase its pulse before Kryder & Mark bring its vocals into play.

“The world we know is changing”, observes ‘Pleasure Or Pain’s vocal, before its lyrics start touching on some of life’s larger questions. Echoing thoughts we’re all likely to have entertained of late, it brilliantly mixes raw emotion with naked realism. Out of the break, Kryder & Mark sail the track from its beatific pad-soaked drop and return it to feistier and more floor-forceful waters.

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