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Ken Bauer has been on fire this year, with multiple releases all garnering large amounts of success and support in the dance music industry. His artistic flair is constantly evolving, and his career accolades this year have reached staggering new heights. Ken is looking to kick start the idea of ‘Future Rave’ and is backed by a list of iconic hits this year like ‘Just Like You’, ‘Free’, and ‘The Sirens Are Calling’. Ken Bauer is well on his way to the top of the pile in his domain, alongside some of the Future Rave founders like David Guetta & MORTEN and other rising Future Rave artists. His latest collaboration with J-Rob MD is the perfect demonstration of his talent, while J-Rob MD brings an undeniable flow and inimitable style.

Ken Bauer’s musical talents are a gift that evidently comes naturally to the Swedish DJ and Producer, and his latest hit ‘So Alive’ with J-Rob MD is another one to add to the impressive discography he has built upon this year. Upon pressing play, you can expect to be treated to a bouncy House styled kick and clap combo, with an experimental bassline that compliments the song as a whole. Eerie pads continue to develop and drive the track forward, as filtered vocals flood through the speakers and lift your senses, before the release of that dominant drop that will have your hands in the air and your feet stomping. The lingering electronic melodies and spaced cuts of deep and groovy pads tie this production together really well, and you can hear the musical talents of both Ken and J-Rob MD that just merge so well together to create perfection.

Ken is no stranger to the dance music scene, as he is being considered for a Grammy nomination for his successful release “The Sirens Are Calling”, which has arguably been the best release for him this year. Representing Ken and J-Rob MD for this release is Future House Cloud, an impressive label that is constantly on the rise and features a long list of impressive artists with ranging talents. Ken is constantly proving to his global fanbase that he has what it takes to constantly push the barriers of his conventional sound, and always branch out with something that is fresh and exciting.

Listen to ‘So Alive’ Here:

Ken Bauer Online 

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