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JackEL, Bobby Duque, and Britt Lari Team Up for Dreamy Collaboration on Feel Good Track of 2020

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What is going on dance music fans? Today we are bringing you a perfectly produced, feel good track, that gives you all of the right feels in the right places. It’s a dream collaboration with JackEL, Bobby Duque, and Britt Lari and their newest hit single, Get This Right.

The track opens with some really fantastic phased in sound designs and catchy melodies and slowly evolves into a perfect radio track but then as the build rises, we can hear the versatility in the record. The drop invokes a perfect melody featuring chopped vocals, future style riffs, and of course, an awesome overall mix and master – this is an ode to the production talent behind this record.

We really can’t say enough great things about this one! The track has great production and messaging!

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