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Graffiti Welfare’s Album “Revolving Shores” Continues To Shine

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From the mile high city of Denver, Colorado, George Lattimore is an up and coming talent better known by his artist name, Graffiti Welfare. The creative made his debut back in 2016 with his project “Into the Soul of Space,” introducing the music industry to a unique twist of electronic psychedelic pop. Combining multiple genres, each song Graffiti Welfare creates is a new nostalgic experience.

Last year, after quite a long hiatus, the artist returned to the music spotlight, releasing three singles in “Volume,” “Just Follow,” and “DejaBlue,” and an album titled “Revolving Shores.” Graffiti Welfare’s latest project consisted of 10 songs, including the three previously released singles. Featuring his oldest brother and late grandmother on the cover, this album was a personal project of Lattimore’s for over six years. It was recorded and mixed by the creative at his home before being mastered by The Wheelhouse Studios and distributed to the masses through Milleville Music.

“Revolving Shores” turned out to be and still is a consistent go to for many fans, as the album has over a million streams to date. Graffiti Welfare made the entire project out to be a masterpiece, featuring a “cosmic washing machine of nostalgic euphoria for the wandering soul. From atmospheric ambient to experimental electronic, from cinematic pop to smooth psychedelic, this album is a seamless therapeutic experience through genre blending gems, one hook at a time.

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