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Giuseppe Ottaviani & Mila Josef “Fade Away” With New Uplifting Single

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January sees Giuseppe Ottaviani continue the singles run that’ll lead to the release of his fifth artist album in the late spring. Having already brought many new shades to his music through the Monika Santucci-sung ‘With You’ and the coolly composed instrumentalism of ‘The Wind In My Face’, the Italian go three-for-three with the near-impossibly touching ‘Fade Away’.

The track features Mila Josef, a privacy-valuing, limelight-shunning singer who believes that words & voice are all that should matter in the modern age. Others agree, most notably producers including Armin van Buuren and MaRLo. Underscoring that, her ‘Lighter Than Air’ collaboration with the latter became 2019’s ASOT Tune of the Year, while the Armin-produced ‘This I Vow’ followed suit in 2020.

Giuseppe fell in love with her lyrics & song and proposed collaborating on a release, ‘Fade Away’ being their first single the pair have recorded together. While in many respects Mila’s voice conveys quiet fortitude & determination, there’s little escaping the infinite sadness behind her words. Giuseppe’s production on ‘Fade Away’ plays to Mila’s considerable vocal strengths, but also counterbalances the lament with just the right amount of drive and floor-flint.

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