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Ginchy & Johan Gielen Bring Electrifying Remake of Loops & Tings

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Johan Gielen’s long-standing involvement and impact in the music scene implies that creativity should be a natural trait of the artist. Although Johan Gielen and Ginchy had worked together on music before, they both acknowledged that their latest project required them to produce something fresh and electrifying. Upon hearing Ginchy’s latest idea, the Belgian-born Dutch musician swiftly embraced the new challenge.

While playing with their keyboards, synthesizers and drum machines in the London based studio, they came up with a cover version of the 1993 classic ‘Loops and Tings. A perfect cutting-edge blend of the driving energy of techno sound and the emotional power of trance breakdowns makes for an essential balanced work in today’s music world.

Johan and Ginchy’s decision to explore a slightly darker sound than their typical style resulted in a festival-oriented vibe that appeals to music lovers seeking more energetic, extended, and fiery breakdowns. It’s not a big surprise that these two artists teamed up, given that Ginchy’s uplifting house vibes and Johan’s euphoric trancy synths complement each other perfectly, like a match made in heaven. Their creative synergy was simply waiting to be unleashed, and this latest project offers the perfect opportunity to do so.

Listeners can now enjoy the dreamy journey this track represents, as it is available on all streaming platforms:

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