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What is going on dance music fans! We are so happy to bring you a killer artist feature this week, that will include our Q&A interview and new music from up and coming artist Saint Misha. Take a peek below for some highlights, music video, and new track links!

Q. So how did you end up linking with Revealed/Gemstone such a prestigious label run by Hardwell?

A. My first release “On Fire” came out in 2019 it was more of a test of if I even wanted to be an artist, and well with support from industry heavyweights like Lost Frequencies, Nora En Pure, and Hardwell, who supported it on his radio show, I thought it was a natural fit. I never could have even dreamed of releasing music with a label as awesome as Revealed/Gemstone.

Q. Elephant in the room, how has Covid affected your year?

A. Honestly it was a super bummer at the start with many gigs planned all over the globe, I kinda had to change my focus and it allowed me to really finish up a lot more music. “On My Mind” luckily was finished recording in Feb right before the lockdowns and restrictions, and then it was just tightening it up for the release.

Q. So since you’re a newer artist, where does the name “Saint Misha”?

A. This is a funny one, I actually used to DJ under the name GQ Misha, but as an artist you cant use a brand name, so I was looking to change it to something new, and I have to give full credit to my sister for the name. I don’t know why but I liked it and it stuck.

Q. So which artists influenced your sound?

A. Honestly a lot of different DJs, and other genres even. I’ve been in the club scene since I was 19, Im almost 31 at the end of January, I started as a photographer for many of the big DJs but my personal favs that I think influenced my sound right now, Sonny Fodera, MK, Tchami, Meduza

Q. What can we look forward to in 2021 and on?

A. Honestly a lot more music, I’m in the process of finishing up like 5-10 songs, and then I’ll just be dropping them all as singles throughout the rest of the year. I don’t feel I’m at the point in my career to do an EP or anything like that. I’m also still working through different genres and styles from bigger electro sounds, to dope deep house hopefully you all just follow my journey and we can get to playing shows sooner than later!

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