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Doctor Neiman – What About Love

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Out now via Flux Pavilion’s imprint Circus Records, Doctor Neiman’s new single “What About Love” a high energy bass fueled track. Only the artists second release to date, it follows in the path of the ever-growing sonic crossover space where bass and rock/metal/screamo meet  – an unique intersection acts like Sullivan King, Excision, and Snails and labels like Kannibalen have helped contribute to and build out. Doctor Neiman, (aka Noah Neiman), focuses on a multifaceted lifestyle and music career. As a real-life eye doctor with childhood music training, 20 years experience in production, and a slew of successful, multi-million streamed releases attached to his name, the range of magnitude and impression that Doctor Neiman is able to pull off with just his first few releases under this new-coming alias, begins to make sense as the story unfolds. Check out a quote from Doctor Neiman on the release below and under that stream “What About Love” – enjoy!

“Although it might not be the first track released by the project, ‘What About Love’ is the true launch of Doctor Neiman. It has all the raw power and emotion I want to convey with this project. I’ve always had a soft spot for the hard stuff, but I’ve just never really had the opportunity to produce and release it because honestly, I was just busy with so many other things at the time. I began toying with the idea of the project in early 2019 as a more focused outlet for a single style of music. Once COVID-19 hit us, it gave me the time to sit and really decide where I wanted to take ‘Doctor Neiman’ as a platform for bass tunes. No time like the present! Since then, I’ve written a plethora of music, featuring some of the most talented singer-songwriters I’ve ever worked with, and I’m VERY excited to share it all, beginning with ‘What About Love’. I was looking to combine the musicality of my more melodic production style with the big and bold bass sound of contemporary dubstep and riddim, while adding in a unique flair of rock and metal”. – Doctor Neiman

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