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Dive Into The Terrors Of The Night With Diddy BMW

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Diddy BMW’s new single “Vengeance” is a must-hear. Centered around the violent street life of a megapolis, this song and its music video explore the brutal truths of life. The dimed lights and the dullness of the night in the video create an eerie atmosphere, but Diddy’s rapping delivers the hardest punch. 

Certainly a talented artist, Diddy BMW has released numerous singles in the past couple of years. Some of his hits are “Shot You”, “DryWhip”, “GiGi”, and “Don’t Try It”, all energetic, moving songs about real-life experiences.  

Knowing about the hardships and dangers of life first hand, Diddy lost family members and friends to gang violence, even being shot at several times before he reached 18. His art expresses all his grief and concern for others through the beautiful medium of music.

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