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Cyazon: Exclusive EDMsauce Sit Down

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Cyazon has emerged as an exciting innovator within Electronic Music, striking back time and time again with unmissable productions as he showcases an impressive talent, bold signature sound, and relentless determination. As he blends genres like Melodic Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and Cyberpunk, Cyazon cements himself as a captivating and unique figure within the genre and one to keep watching. 


Now, the Producer joins us with this exclusive interview to delve into the inspirations that continue to feed his creativity and drive his sound into fresh realms of sonic ingenuity.  


Hello Cyazon, how are you?


Hello, doing great thank you.


Who initially inspired you to pursue a career as a Producer? Can you remember, was there a specific artist that first ignited your passion? 

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Xilent was an artist who initially inspired me to really start pursuing a career as an artist. Back in 2015, I watched his Twitch live streams and later developed a friendship with him.


How have your influences developed as you’ve grown as an Artist? 


I would say the music that I’m making now is less Techy/Futuristic sounding and more analog sounding. The music I was making before sounded more Futuristic, but there is still an element of futurism in my music.


Outside of Electronic Music, what other genres of music do you find inspirational? 

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Ambient Music, Indie Rock, some Metal Music, Synthwave, 80s music; to name a few genres. 


How do you hope to inspire the next generation of Music Producers? 


Mainly by leading as an example of how to treat people kindly and acknowledge people, no matter who they are. I want to show people that I care about them. I also want to inspire Producers to let them know that anything is possible, and you can achieve anything if you have the belief.


Do you ever find inspiration outside of music?


Yes, movies and listening back to voice-recorded messages from a few people sharing their advice on life.

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What feelings and emotions do you hope to inspire in your fans when they listen to your music? 


All sorts of emotions and feelings since my music is a story of me in a futuristic city discovering things, how to make it a better place, love, etc. So mainly feelings of hope, romance, and joy are some emotions that come to mind.


What about your signature sound do you think is most unique? Which elements do you think inspires feeling in your listeners the most?


I think that the gritty sounds really give the Bladerunner/Futuristic feel of my signature sound. The melodic synth elements also give that futuristic feel as well. I would say my melodies and melodic elements inspires feeling in my listeners the most.

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How do you feel your inspirations are conveyed within your music? Do you actively try to translate specific influences and inspirations in your productions or is it a case of using your inspirations as a catalyst to your creativity? 


Some music I make you can hear the artist that inspired me to make that song. I would say I use specific artistic influences as a catalyst to my creativity. Usually it’s a specific song, and then I make it something of my own. 


Where have you been finding the most inspiration recently? Is there a particular Artist or genre that you have been gravitating towards? 


In recent months, I have been really inspired by the artist Dimension. The way he uses analog sounds to create music that sounds ethereal is really well done. I have also started to make more Drum and Bass as well.


As we wrap up this interview, we thank Cyazon for his time and for giving us a glimpse into the inspirations and influences that continue to play an integral part in his approach to music creation. With his inspirations continually evolving and his signature sound consistently developing, we eagerly await the next musical offering from this talented Producer, as his next releases are sure to keep delivering innovation and originality. So, to stay up-to-date with him, make sure to follow Cyazon across social media.

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