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CloZee Releases Anticipated Third Studio Album “Microworlds”

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Today, French multi-talented artist and Odyzey Music label head CloZee releases her anticipated third album Microworlds. Transporting listeners to imaginative, utopian places, Microworlds is an amalgamation of the mystical sounds and hypnotic melodies she’s known for, while going beyond to test the boundaries of her emotive and spiritual bass stylings.

Garnering a reputation as a sonic storyteller, CloZee has seamlessly weaved an emotional tale of personal vulnerability and growth throughout her instrumentally-led project. Microworlds is an exploration into CloZee’s escapist mind, with each song acting as a microcosm of sound, time, and space. The album unfolds like an auditory scrapbook as CloZee takes an abstract, metaphysical look at her life, encapsulating symbolic moments through sentimental soundscapes.

On the album, CloZee said, “Microworlds is my third album, created in about 2 years. It’s been the longest process to write an album so far, as it’s the reflection of so many shifts in my life. After overcoming the longest writer’s block of my career, I tapped into a lot of my memories and past stories to write those songs. It’s been a hard but incredible inner journey. I hope it will resonate with people, create new memories for them and become the soundtrack to some of their own life experiences.”

Inviting listeners on an aural odyssey, Microworlds opens with its cinematic titular track. A befitting start to this 12-track project, ‘Microworlds’ begins to illustrate the otherworldly and transcendent realm of CloZee’s imagination. Through the playful tones of ‘Childhood’ and sensual notes of ‘Pillow Talk’, Microworlds unravels like a kaleidoscopic soundtrack with each track memorializing one of CloZee’s most intimate memories.

The album continues with ‘Tomboy’, a powerful instrumental filled with mesmerizing melodies and fantasy-inducing drops, moving into her euphoric collaboration with Ella Vos, ‘Glow In The Dark’. The album’s most vocally-driven track, ‘Glow In The Dark’ is soft and ethereal, capturing the esoteric and illusory themes of the album in lyrical form.

Throughout Microworlds, CloZee sews her emotional history into the sonic tapestry of the album, using layers and countermelodies to divulge into the project’s deeper meaning. Through the dreamy downtempo embrace of ‘Contemplation’, CloZee evokes a meditative and reflective quality with airy flutes and whimsical horn refrains. Diving into the anthemic chants of ‘Skylight’, she creates a sense of hope intrinsically absorbed by its listeners. With ‘Courage’, CloZee crafts a blissful backdrop that harmoniously matches ROZET’s soulful and galant song of self-love.

On ‘Antares’, CloZee examines inner-conflict through haunting, meddlesome tones and dark, permeating movements before tapping into the psychotropic nature of her relentless and wobbling basslines on ‘Visions’. Microworlds seeks to unlock CloZee’s inner dreamer, allowing her to envision memories as sounds and capture moments like the melancholic fantasy that comes with lost love on tracks like ‘Missing You’. The album closes with ‘Odysseys’, a dynamic piano-led collaboration with Tripp St. that represents the end to this metamorphic journey.

Microworlds serves as the next chapter in CloZee’s career and marks a period of personal evolution. Her most vulnerable body of work to date, Microworlds sees CloZee venture outside of her usual creative field and invite an audio-visual component to the project via a three-part music video series featuring dancer Jalen Rashad. Harnessing the themes of self-expression and self-acceptance that are present throughout the album, CloZee’s music video series is a captivating story about finding inner confidence and having the courage to be comfortable in your own skin.

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Microworlds arrives ahead of CloZee’s massive fall headline Microworlds Tour, set to kick off on September 28th. Stream CloZee’s fantastical third album Microworlds out now via Odyzey Music.

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