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CH3SHIRE Shows Off Mid-Tempo, Abstract Beat

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Tristan Kerr (born September 14, 1996; Canada) known by his stage name CH3SHIRE, from Richmond Hill, Ontario. He is an electronic music producer known for his debut EP, Glitch in 2017 as an independent release, followed-up by VR in 2018, Faze Project in 2018 and his most recent EP Sleazy in 2019.

Ethnically Jamaican-Italian and Irish, Tristan was born in Canada and raised by his Jamaican father and Italian-Irish mother. Though born in the city of Richmond Hill, Tristan often traveled to Toronto at a young age on his own to visit the Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario, often skipping classes unable to resist his curious urges. Almost kicked out of high school due to him skipping classes to attend events in the city, Tristan would gain inspiration from artists such as REZZdeadmau5 and The Glitch Mob while watching their performances, explaining he was drawn toward artists that pushed the visual aspect of their performances just as much as the audio aspect.

Tristan started performing at the age of 21, performing electronic music by lesser known artists to stand out among other performers, never wanting to perform music that people had already heard, but rather explaining his goal was to “…have the audience pulling out their phones during each song, thinking ‘damn where does he find this music?’ that was always my favorite part of performing”.

Claiming that he never enjoyed the spotlight, Tristan often turned down performance offers within Toronto as he gained traction. Preferring to flesh out his production style and visual branding before really pushing his performances, I think we can all say that we hope to see more CH3SHIRE performances in 2020.

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