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Billie Eilish’s Style Evolution, From 2016 to Now

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From her neon-green roots to the her blond Barbie-inspired updo, take a trip down memory lane and relive the pop star’s style evolution.

Like any great artist, Billie Eilish signals a new era with a stark shift in style.

From 2017’s spunky Don’t Smile at Me EP to 2021’s evocative sophomore effort Happier Than Ever and 2023’s Barbieapproved “What Was I Made For,” Eilish has been absolutely fearless when it comes to creating a personal style that evolves alongside her music. Over the past six years, Eilish’s style profile has grown to encompass puffer coats and showstopping gowns alike — two outfits on opposite ends of the wardrobe spectrum that both still feel unequivocally and intrinsically Billie.

In a 2021 Vanity Fair profile — in which she sported her then-trademark neon-green roots and jet-black tresses — Eilish explained her unorthodox approach to red-carpet style. “To be quite honest with you, I only started wearing baggy clothes because of my body,” she revealed. Her commitment to prioritizing he own comfort in an industry where body-shaming and the over-policing of women’s bodies run rampant has inspired legions of her devoted fans. Whether she’s surprising them with a blond bob or re-creating the looks of vintage Barbie dolls, fashion is always exciting when it comes to Billie.

While her red-carpet style has undergone a clear evolution, Eilish has a few favorite hallmarks when it comes to her stage attire. The combo in question? An oversize T-shirt and a pair of shorts.

As the “When the Party’s Over” singer prepares her third studio album, take a moment to reflect on the nine-time Grammy winner’s incredible style evolution.

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