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Artdob Releases Captivating Melodic Single ‘Fading’

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“Playing it safe won’t save you,” are the sung lyrics of Artdob, the words begining to frame the messaging behind the single soon to unfold. Lightly-touching on the tough transition the COVID pandemic has put on all our mentalities, “Fading” seeks to break the ice in a positive way and transcend the moment. Squeaky clean production and familiar electronic aesthetics build into the rock-solid songwriting structure, the vocal messaging – sung by Artdob himself – being the key to make the parts work cohesively in sync here.

Cooking together a splash of indie and a perfect batch of dance, the single hits all the pressure points to deliver something intrinsically infectious. Embracing a hopeless romantic element, but sharing a silver lining of the positive alliance fate can bring you, “Fading” encompasses more than a clever alignment of sonic structure.

Fading’ is the kind of song that makes you wanna close your eyes and let the synths take you away. Far away where the good vibes reign. Melodically, the tracks offer yet an electric but homely warm vibe that could definitely guide us through the rest of the winter.” Artdob

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