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ALWZ SNNY Releases Incredible Record Just in Time for Holiday Break

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ALWZ SNNY is back with a brand-new single that is bound to dominate the dance scene titled ‘Wasted’. Bright synths fill the background as a clap-like percussion and harmonious melody line gets the momentum going. All of a sudden you are met with a high energy drop that features a pumping bassline and a symphony of synths. ‘Wasted’ is a real feel-good dance hit with masses of potential to be ALWZ SNNY’s biggest hit yet. The insanely catchy track oozes classic EDM vibes and will instantly bring a bit of sunniness to your day.


Krysta Youngs is a stunning addition to ‘Wasted’ as she steals the show with her stunning vocals telling a heartfelt tale of a relationship on the rocks. Her falsetto tones lead you gently into the peak of the track. Krysta Youngs is a songwriter who has since worked alongside world renowned artists such as BTS with their hit releases ‘Home’ and ‘On’. Her discography is defined by the combination of her effervescent vocal stylings with a compelling knack for songwriting that showcases her pop sensibilities.

ALWZ SNNY has truly outdone himself this year, as the world faces adversity, there has been a constant stream of positive and upbeat dance tunes with a hint of Country music from the American DJ and Producer. Tracks like ‘Still Wait 4U’, ‘Love Revolution’ and ‘As Long As We’re Together’ have seen ALWZ SNNY work with some outstanding artists such as Sincerely Collins and Jennifer Chatham. With more and more releases on the horizon, ALWZ SNNY continues to climb the charts and reach worldwide recognition.


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