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ALWZ SNNY is known for his heavy doses of synths and impressive use of guitar that are inspired by the sound of Country music. Embarking on a new genre of Country Dance and creatively merging the sound with Electropop, ALWZ SNNY is changing the face of dance music with every release. Some of his recent releases include ‘Still Wait 4U’, ‘Love Revolution’ and ‘Sail Away’. As summer draws to an end, we caught up with ALWZ SNNY to discuss his summer. 

What is your favorite part of the summer? 

It is always sunny! Lol


Best summer festival?


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Best venue to go to? 

Echostage in Washington DC, I grew up like 20 minutes away from it


What have you missed the most this summer?

Being able to travel and go to music festivals.

What is your favorite Holiday destination?

I typically like being with me family around the fireplace and watching movies during the Holidays. If I had to travel though I would say Barcelona.

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Have you got any tips for staying cool?

The happier you are, the better you feel


Does your music change at all during the summer months?

It actually does, but not purposely. The energy and vibe find its way into the songs. I do not go into the song, trying to make it a summer jam. It just always ends up happening!


Name one thing you are looking forward to doing next summer?

EDC Portugal or Tomorrowland, I have to be at one of them!

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