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5urati: From Behind the Scenes to Center Stage

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If you’re a fan of electronic music, you might have heard of 5urati, the stage name of a prominent music producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. After two decades of producing hits for other artists, he has decided to step out of the background and into the spotlight with his own solo projects.


In under a year, 5urati has gained over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, amassing a following for his unique sound and creative approach to production. He’s released a variety of singles across different electronic genres, from techno to house to trance. As an experienced producer who’s worked with artists in various genres, 5urati brings a wealth of knowledge to his solo work, constantly experimenting with new sounds and techniques to push the boundaries of electronic music.


One of 5urati’s most notable works is his remix of Homayoun Shajarian’s “Why Did You Leave Me?” released in 2022. The track has garnered millions of streams across different platforms, showcasing 5urati’s ability to create hits that resonate with audiences worldwide.


While 5urati’s music reaches listeners around the globe, he has a particular focus on the Persian market. Iran has a rich musical tradition and a thriving music industry that produces various genres, from traditional Persian music to pop, rock, and hip-hop. Many platforms, such as Radio Javan, Bia2, and Avang Music, specialize in releasing music for the Iranian/Persian market, catering to Iranian audiences both inside and outside the country. By producing tracks for the Persian market, 5urati is contributing to the global promotion of Iranian music, helping to amplify the voices of Persian artists.


In addition to producing music, 5urati also coaches and mentors emerging Iranian artists, providing guidance and support to navigate the complex and challenging world of the music industry. With years of experience as a music producer, 5urati is well-equipped to help artists with recording, production, marketing, and other aspects of their music careers. Collaborating with a music producer of 5urati’s caliber can help artists develop their skills, build networks, and gain confidence in their abilities.

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But 5urati’s support for emerging artists extends beyond just coaching and mentorship. By providing artists with access to tools, mentorship, and exhibition opportunities, he’s helping to develop a strong and active arts community in Iran, one that’s not afraid to experiment and take risks. This community is vital for the development of the country’s culture and society, as it empowers artists to create and share their work with the world.


As an experienced electronic music producer, 5urati has a wealth of knowledge to share with other aspiring producers. He could offer guidance and advice on production techniques and software tools, including mixing, mastering, sound design, and arrangement. His extensive knowledge of the music industry, from navigating music distribution platforms to building a fanbase and networking with other artists, could help emerging artists succeed in the competitive world of music production.


Through his solo work, collaborations, and mentorship, 5urati is making a significant impact on the electronic music industry, both in Iran and beyond. By pushing the boundaries of electronic music and empowering emerging artists to do the same, 5urati is helping to create a more vibrant and inclusive music scene for everyone.

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