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4 Best Places To Get Royalty Free Hip Hop Music in 2023

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Adding some hip hop flavor to your videos, streams, or podcasts can make the content feel fresh and engaging. But finding legally licensed rap instrumentals and beats requires digging beyond the standard royalty free music libraries. While services like AudioJungle and Pond5 offer some decent options, they aren’t specialized specifically for rap and hip hop compared to other genres. For the best selection of high-quality, royalty free hip hop music purpose-built for content creators, turn to these top sources that offer both traditional marketplace tracks along with convenient subscription plans. Want to add some hip hop flavor to your videos, podcasts, or other projects? Finding high-quality rap instrumentals you can use legally takes some digging.

Here are 4 top recommended sources for royalty free hip hop music:

Mubert is a music generator that uses AI to create completely original hip hop beats on demand.

Key features:

  • 100% AI-generated hip hop instrumentals
  • Customizable length, tempo, instruments
  • Fresh new tracks created in seconds
  • Unlimited downloads and commercial rights
  • Pricing starts at $16/month

Mubert makes it easy to get demonetization-safe hip hop music.

Audiojungle offers a massive library of music in all genres created by human composers.


  • Huge selection of rap beats and hip hop tracks
  • Great for backing tracks, vlogs, promotional use
  • Filters by tempo, instruments, duration
  • Licensing starts around $1 per track
  • Adds new beats daily

A top source for affordable hip hop instrumentals with unlimited licenses.


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Pond5 features an enormous creative marketplace with over 2 million audio files available.

Notable features:

  • Extensive hip hop selection in various sub-genres
  • Previews allow sampling tracks
  • Filters by instrumentation, tempo, mood
  • Licenses start at $5 for web usage
  • New music constantly added

One of the largest royalty free music catalogs available.

PremiumBeat from Shutterstock focuses solely on high-quality exclusive music.

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Why it’s recommended:

  • Over 50,000 tracks across all genres
  • Hip hop beats sound polished and professional
  • Clearing license is fast and easy
  • Refined collection of hip hop options
  • New instrumental tracks added weekly

Lower selection but extremely high production value.


What is royalty free hip hop music?

Royalty free hip hop refers to instrumental hip hop beats that can be used in monetized content like videos, podcasts, and apps without having to pay ongoing royalties. A single flat fee license grants usage rights.

Why use royalty free vs. licensed hip hop beats?

Royalty free grants unlimited use after purchasing a license. Licensed music requires paying fees every time the content is played featuring that music. Royalty free is cheaper and easier for ongoing use.

Where can I find royalty free hip hop music?

Top sites like AudioJungle, Pond5, PremiumBeat, Epidemic Sound, Storyblocks, and Soundstripe offer a wide variety of royalty free hip hop beats at reasonable prices.

What should I look for in royalty free hip hop tracks?

Make sure tracks sound well-produced and professionally mastered. Check the licenses to confirm commercial and monetization rights. Look for exclusive beats not used everywhere.

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How much does royalty free hip hop music cost?

Pricing varies but typically ranges from $1 for a simple license up to $50+ for more commercial rights. Unlimited subscriptions at around $10-15/month are the best value for power users.

Can I edit or remix the beats?

Check license terms. Most allow edits and remixes. Some prohibit changing the fundamental rhythm, melody, or structure. You own your new derivative work.

Can I use the music in monetized videos?

Yes, royalty free grants full rights to use the music in monetized content. Just ensure the license you purchase provides commercial/monetization rights.

Is royalty free hip hop really 100% copyright safe?

There is always some risk with any third-party content. But royalty free from reputable providers is designed for commercial use and rarely receives disputes.

What about using popular hip hop songs?

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Using recognizable hip hop songs requires clearing sampled and licenses with all rights holders. Royalty free hip hop helps avoid this complex process.

Do I need to credit the artist?

Read the license terms. Most require stating the artist name and music source in the video description or credits.


Any of these recommended sources provide a wealth of royalty free hip hop music to legally amp up your projects. Compare catalogs and licensing to determine the best platform match for your needs.

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