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4 Best Places To Find Royalty Free Music for Video Editing in 2023

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Sourcing the right music is essential for amplifying the impact of videos. However, licensing popular songs is usually prohibitively expensive. Royalty free music provides a budget-friendly alternative to score videos legally. Several excellent marketplaces offer diverse catalogs ideal for video editing projects.

Mubert is an AI-powered music generator creating original customizable tracks on demand.

Key features:

  • 100% copyright safe original music
  • Customize song length, mood, instruments
  • Unlimited downloads start at $16/month
  • Ideal for background scoring and transitions
  • Easily adapt runtimes and genre

Mubert makes it easy to quickly score entire videos affordably.

AudioJungle, part of Envato Elements, offers over 1 million songs and sound effects.


  • Huge selection of background scoring options
  • Filters by genre, mood, duration
  • Licenses start at just $1 for YouTube/Facebook
  • New tracks added daily
  • Particularly strong for vlogs

A top source for versatile royalty free music at low prices.

PremiumBeat provides a highly curated library of over 50,000 exclusive, high-quality tracks.


  • Music created specifically for video and film
  • Broadcast and online use licensing
  • Intuitive website with smart filtering
  • Quick clearance for commercial projects
  • Refined collection of scoring choices

Lower selection but very polished catalog great for professional video editing.


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Pond5 is an enormous creative marketplace with over 2 million media files.

Notable features:

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  • Massive music selection in every style
  • Previews enable sampling tracks
  • Licenses from just $5 for web videos
  • Millions of b-roll video clips available
  • New files added daily

An extensive selection at very competitive licensing rates.

FAQ About Royalty Free Music for Videos

What duration tracks work best?

Look for tracks between 1-3 minutes for intro/outros. Extended 4-6 minute loops work for underlying background scoring.

What licensing do I need?

A “Standard” license provides basic coverage while “Extended” licenses grant broader commercial rights for films and advertising.

Should I credit the artist?

Read the license, but most mandate stating the artist name and music source in the video description.

Can I edit and rework the music?

Check terms. Some allow adaptations while others prohibit altering the fundamental composition.

Is royalty free music lower audio quality?

Not at all! There is abundant exceptional music available royalty free from talented composers. The licensing model does not affect quality.

With the right royalty free music sources, you can score high-quality soundtracks for videos without the massive licensing fees.

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