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'Wonder Woman 1984' director Patty Jenkins: "We need more variety in superhero movies"

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Patty Jenkins thinks more variety is needed in superhero movies to keep them relevant and to inspire future generations.

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The director was responding to reactions on Twitter to her new film Wonder Woman 1984 when she made the remark.

A fan said the new superhero film was “a breath of fresh air”, to which Jenkins replied: “Thank you @kjb_movies. I agree we need more variety in Superhero movies, not less. They are the grand metaphor’s of our times! Why not use them for it! Particularly as a way to reach the next generation of heroes.”

Her comments come after some other observations about the film, which was released on HBO Max in the US last month following delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. The film is listed at UK cinemas, however, most if not all theatres are currently closed due to tier restrictions.


Jenkins told Entertainment Weekly: “The interesting thing about Wonder Woman – and I’m not saying that other superheroes don’t do this – is that she is less about defeating a villain and more about confronting the betterment of mankind, so it’s almost like she really is a god who’s trying to engage with mankind and how we’re living our lives and make us better people.

Patty Jenkins
Patty Jenkins (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

“She’s less about fighting and she’s more about confronting a point of view,” Jenkins added.

In other news, Wonder Woman 1984 star Chris Pine is confident that Jenkins will bring fresh vision to the Star Wars franchise when she helms Rogue Squadron.

The actor, who stars alongside Gal Gadot in the film, said in a new interview that he believes she will be successful at reimagining the franchise.

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