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Wesley Snipes making “Blade-killer” movie to rival MCU’s 'Blade' reboot

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Wesley Snipes has announced that he’s making a “Blade-killer” movie to rival Marvel‘s upcoming Blade reboot.

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The reboot – which was announced at 2019’s San Diego Comic-Con – will star Mahershala Ali in the titular role and sees him follow in the footsteps of Snipes, who starred as Blade in the original trilogy of vampire hunter movies between 1998 and 2004.

Upon the announcement of the reboot, Snipes told fans to “chillaaxx” about Ali’s casting, before sharing further thoughts on the news.

“I’m happy for him to be considered. I’m happy for them looking at him. Flattery… what do they say? Imitation is the best form of flattery,” Snipes said. “I’m appreciative of getting the love, and [that] I’ve created something that others want to carry on and maybe put their own stamp on it.”

Now, speaking in a new interview, Snipes has voiced his support for Ali once more and has revealed that he has a new movie on the way that he calls the “Blade-killer”, meaning that it will outdo Marvel’s forthcoming reboot.

“I don’t have any involvement, but I support the young artists and I support Marvel in their business decisions,” Snipes told Uproxx. “It’s a beautiful thing. [Mahershala Ali has] got a heck of a job on his hands.”

Snipes then talked about the making of the original Blade trilogy. “We were white belts then, wait until you see now what we do as black belts,” he said, alluding to a new action movie that “is going to smoke all of the Blade stuff”.

Detailing the project, he continued: “It’s what we call our Blade-killer, our Blade on steroids. And we set our character in the world of shape-shifters and a little bit of time travel. But the action is going to be…Well, we did white belt action in Blade. Now we’re going to do black belt action.”

“It’s wonderful what we did [on Blade], but, brother, we’re so much better than we were then. So much better now than we were then,” Snipes continued.

“Yes, indeed. And we’ve got more tools. Some of the things that were innovated in the Blade franchise in the first film are now standard in the Marvel universe and all of these other action movies. And the technology allows them to do a lot of things we couldn’t do then. Now give us the technology, and we’ve already got the skills and the flavour. It’s popping, baby!”

Snipes’ next role will see him appear in Coming 2 America, the sequel to the 1988 Eddie Murphy classic. The film, which sees Murphy reprise his role as Akeem will be released next week on Amazon Prime Video.

Snipes recently revealed that he actually auditioned for the role of Darryl Jenks in the first Coming To America film, but he lost out to Eriq La Salle of ER fame.

“I auditioned for the first Coming To America, but I didn’t get to audition in front of Eddie,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “After three call backs, I ended up losing the role to Eriq La Salle.”

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