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Watch the trailer for Bruce Springsteen's 'Letter To You' documentary

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The first full trailer for Bruce Springsteen‘s new documentary, Bruce Springsteen’s Letter To You, has been shared.

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The Apple Original Films documentary is set to arrive on Apple TV+ on October 23 and will coincide with the release of Springsteen’s new album with The E Street Band, also called ‘Letter To You’.

The documentary captures Springsteen recording the new LP live with the full E Street Band, and includes final take performances of 10 originals from the new album.

According to a press release for the film, “fans around the world will get a behind-the-scenes look at the iconic artist’s creative process”. You can view the trailer below.

Written by Springsteen and directed by his frequent collaborator Thom Zimny (‘Western Stars’, The Gift: The Journey Of Johnny Cash, Springsteen On Broadway), the film is described as “a tribute to the E Street Band, to rock music itself and to the role it has played in Springsteen’s life”.

It is produced by Jon Landau and Zimny and co-produced by Barbara Carr, with Springsteen serving as executive producer.

Meanwhile, Springsteen has said he has “a lot of projects” in the works for the near future, including full-length “lost albums” to release from his archives.

He said: “There’s a lot of really good music left. You just go back there. It’s not that hard. If I pull out something from 1980, or 1985, or 1970, it’s amazing how you can slip into that voice. It’s just sort of a headspace. All of those voices remain available to me, if I want to go to them.”

Springsteen is also set to appear in the forthcoming Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2020 special, next month.

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